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Singapore Grand Prix packages from UK Sold Out - TravelDecorum

 Imagine yourself watching the Grand Prix live. Sitting in the stands, with a full view of the circuit, while the countdown begins and the drivers begin to throttle their engines. The raging sounds fill your heart with new vigour, the excitement around is electric, and you are able to soak it all up being well-travelled and well-fed. That is the moment for you! Vettel and Hamilton kick off. The cars zoom past you, the crowd goes up, and you are on your feet, cheering your favourite star and expressing your lungs out. Any level of enthusiasm that your mind can conjure happens in the F1 original Grand Prix, and Singapore’s Marina Bay Circuit only fuels your passion for racing.

And when you travel half the world just to witness this mega event live, you deserve to soak it all in. Live every moment, cherish every second. The best Singapore Grand Prix packages can really come to your aid, offering you the exact itinerary that you want, combined with all the major experiences of the racing carnival. But, before moving on to help you to lay your plans, let’s take a quick look at the Singapore Grand Prix and why is it promoted to this extent.

What’s all the hype around the Singapore Grand Prix?
singapore grand prix packages from london

Formula 1 takes its races to all around the globe and every city offers you with its own grandeur. Still, when Singapore comes into the foray of the Grand Prix, a new rush of adrenaline is somehow injected into the drivers and viewers alike. The history surrounding the Singapore Grand Prix has helped in fueling all the hype and every time the race returns to the Marina Bay Circuit, excitements naturally flows off the charts.

·         The 2019 Singapore GP will be a night event. Seeing the cars set off with the backdrop of a setting sun over the Marina Bay will be a spectacle for race-lovers.

·         The Singapore circuit is considered to be the toughest to navigate for drivers. Especially turn 10 that has the well-known uncomforting history of driver Kobayashi flying off in the air while making the turn.

·         The bests are tested here as the temperature over the island stays close to 30 degrees Celsius even at night. Cars become prone to overheating and drivers lose their cool.

·         The circuit in itself is surprisingly fast. Lap time records tumble in the Singapore Grand Prix as the race continuously become breathtaking by the second. The ambiance is always power-packed.

And then there are the pre-race and post-race events that make up the entire weekend over which the Singapore GP is held. Every concert, every display, always sees a packed house as spectators flock from around the world to take a share of this cake. The best Singapore Grand Prix hospitality packages are designed to give you a feel of all these, to dwell in the hype and soak in all on offer. So, if you are all convinced that Singapore’s GP is the place to be in, it is now time to start planning.

What is the best way to plan your itinerary?

Let’s make a few obvious assumptions here before going into the best way to planning your itinerary.
·         You will want the best seats in the circuit. Maybe at the Bay Grandstand or Esplande Waterfront Grandstand.

·         Or maybe you will want to be away from the main humdrum and witness the even from a sky suite with a panoramic view of the entire circuit or relax in the green room, indulging in delectable food and drinks and enjoying the race on the screen.

·         And then you will want your share of the pit experience, access to the limited entry concerts or the main event where the winners are crowned.

All these, along with many more post-race gigs will truly complete your Singapore GP experience. And here comes the two main reality-checks, things that skip the racing fans’ minds until the other side of the GP’s popularity comes and hits.

1.      The rush for tickets for all the events is overwhelming. You may very well find yourself waiting in long queues, even online, to get the ticket you want, and then end up compromising on your desires.

2.      The heat of planning heading into the event can become tiresome. And then there is the jet lag, finding a hotel in Singapore and settling in before the event. It may so happen that you go all out of fuel when the actual race starts.

This is where the tussle between solo planning and opting for the best Singapore Grand Prix packages from UK ends. With travel packages, all your needs and desires are taken care off as you are only left with the responsibility of enjoying the sport. Right from tickets to hotel bookings, you need not worry about a single thing in your itinerary.

The best Singapore F1 holiday packages can give you access to all the experiences you will want to have. You can sit right on top of the pit to see people at work in preparing the cars. Or you can have the view you imagined sitting right in front of the start and finish line or the first turn. While travelling, you can read on about the positions the driving stars will start from, what challenges the car makers will face, instead of worrying about your accommodation or moving around the city. The best itinerary will get you in the inauguration concert of the Singapore GP and end with all the action around the race fitted in.

And while you are in Singapore

You must take some time to soak in the city as well. The best Singapore Grand Prix holidays from UK will never bring you back right after the event. You can take the day after to revel in the glory of the island city or take the mornings to recharge yourself before the race begins at dusk. So, take some time and visit:

·         Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay or the city’s Botanic Gardens to stay amidst the tranquility of nature and build your spirits. These places are enormous, filled with trees of different varieties and serve as the perfect escapade from the urban chaos.

·         Orchard Road for shopping your heart out and collecting souvenirs for your family and wardrobe back home. The location is lined with shopping malls, merchandise brand showrooms and much more. Fashion is always in the air here.

·         The Singapore Flyer and get a top view of the entire island city. You will hover 165-feet above the city on Marina Bay itself and enjoy Singapore’s skyline for about 30 minutes. The second-largest observation wheel is indeed a must-visit.

·         Hawker center to indulge in the street delicacies of Singapore where the food is deservedly known as the best in the city. You can also head over to Singapore’s Chinatown or Little India to taste those cuisines and take in all the cultural diversity on offer.

With the best Singapore Grand Prix package deals, all the activities that you need to partake in while in Singapore will surely fit your budget as you will get to not only enjoy the sporting carnival but also tour the city. The Marina Bay Sands also stand to greet you with its shopping centers and memorable view, all within driving distances from the Marina Bay Grand Prix circuit.

So, take your pick and head out

As the Singapore Grand Prix has come calling. From the best Singapore Grand Prix packages from UK, expect:

·         Choice in flight seats between business and economy class to suit your budget.

·         Accommodation in a 5-star hotel with more than impressive facilities.

·         Stay within the range of the Marina Bay Circuit to never miss out on all the fun.

·         Cars for rent to move around and explore the city.

·         Added hospitality packages for Sky Suite, Green Room, and much more.
·         Guaranteed pit experience, entry to post-race gigs, and first-hand exper
ience of all the events on offer.

TravelDecorum has all these included in its curated Singapore Grand Prix hospitality packages for just the passionate fans. You are sure to get a plan to fit your needs and make your travel memorable. Pick one or upgrade to the added offers, and fly out to Singapore to join the F1 excitement. Remember, the best way to soak the event in is to go for an itinerary that lets you save your energy. So, that you can cheer your heart out in the stands as the Singapore Grand Prix kicks off.

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Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Fast Pace and Luxury Overloaded

The city of Abu Dhabi is already high on everyone’s list of travel and the upcoming F1 motor race has raised its priority even more. If you have ever attended an F1 race, you will know how big an adrenaline rush it holds. It is one of the best experiences one can have in a lifetime. It is nothing short of a luxury laden sporting event complete with all forms of entertainment possible. Given such an overwhelming response to the race every year, the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix holiday packages have been revamped to drip of opulence in every way. 

abu dhabi grand prix travel packages
Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2019 dates: November 29th – December 1st 2019

Advised Number of nights for the event: Minimum 4 night stay

Title Airline Sponsor: Etihad Airlines

Circuit: Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi

Closest Airport: Abu Dhabi International Airport

Why to Book an Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix Travel Package?

If you are not yet convinced to take this enthralling trip to Abu Dhabi for the F1 race, let me give you more reasons to take the plunge.

1.      Most travel packages include a five star hotel stay for all four nights with breakfast and the most luxurious suites booked for you. You can add to the package with any specific inclusions if you want. 

2.      Return Business class air tickets are booked for you according to your convenience and your choice of airlines. Etihad is the partner airlines for this event in Abu Dhabi and many packages are available in collaboration as well.

3.      The race tickets, race parking arrangements, seating at venue, race hospitality, post race concert tickets and just about everything is booked for you by a dedicated travel specialist after understanding your requirement. You face no hassle of scattered bookings.

4.      Now for the main part of the holiday- the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix hospitality packages for the race. This is the most awaited aspect of the event. Overflowing wines and beverages, top class gourmet cuisine and live entertainment is available apart from the nail-biting race itself. The F1 Paddock Club here is supremely exclusive and all inclusive of the package itself. Great views and in-house experience is guaranteed!

5.      You can also indulge yourself at the Yas Marina suites if you are looking for elite services that will keep you entertained throughout the race. You also get to enjoy the Fanzone and a Pitlane walk with the package. Booking the Yas Marina suites is the most perfect way to see the race with the view of the best turns and the finish line. 

Watch this exceptional twilight race in style and capture every moment of it to cherish forever. Grab your Abu Dhabi F1 package deals before they get sold out! This high drama game is a sure shot way to satiate your senses.  

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Enjoy World Class Hospitality at Singapore Grand Prix 2019

Singapore Grand Prix vacations are bliss! Not only is there an exciting motor sport involved in the holiday but also there is just so much to do and enjoy apart from the race itself. Most companies provide complete Singapore Grand Prix travel packages for the interested travellers. Enjoying this inaugural night race is a beautiful and picturesque spectacle apart from the heart thumping sport that it is.

Dates of Travel: 20th – 22nd September 2019

Approximate Budget for 1 traveller: £1290-3160

Circuit: Marina Bay Street Circuit, Singapore

Airport: Changi International Airport

Distance between Changi Airport and the Marina Circuit: Roughly 20 kms (take 20-25 minutes by taxi)

singapore grand prix packages from london

Main Elements of your Singapore Grand Prix Package Deals

When booking your Grand Prix Holiday, make sure you customize it according to your needs and requirements. Every element provided by the travel service company is usually made exclusively for each traveller booking the package. Here are a few things you should keep in mind.

1.      Choose from Economy, Premium Economy or Business class in your choice of airlines. Singapore Airlines is the title sponsor for the Singapore Grand Prix.

2.      Book your accommodation close to the Marina Bay Street Circuit so that time is not wasted travelling to the race venue and returning from it. Marina Bay Sands is the best option when it comes to this. Food plans at the hotel can also be made as per the choice of travel.

3.      Book your car hires as a part of the package so that your pick up, drop off and in city travelling is taken care of. Most companies offer a choice of car and a special package made according to your itinerary. Car hire can be opted for the whole trip of for special days and events.

4.      Book the Grand Prix race tickets as per requirement. If you want full weekend tickets or for a particular day, it can be specified in the package itself. The seats and experience can be as per luxury desired.

5.      Parking at the race venue is often overlooked and quality time is wasted in commute. This can also be arranged for in advance as a part of the booking.

6.      The race hospitality is the main aspect of your Singapore Grand Prix hospitality packages. You can choose from the best and the most elite options. Paddock Club, Sky Suites, Green Room, Lounge at Turn3, Upper Deck and Twenty3 hospitalities are on offer. Some common features of these hospitalities are:

a)     Great View of the action
b)     Exceptional Gourmet Food
c)      Overflowing top brands of champagnes, wines and liquor
d)     Exciting mocktails and other beverages
e)     Option to get guided access to the pit and trackside
f)       Hostess available for the evening
g)     Live Entertainment
h)     Star spotting is also common in these lounges

7.      Another integral aspect is the post race concerts that take place. Tickets to these are sometimes included or can be bought as a part of your package deal. This year’s highlights are Gwen Stefani, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Fat Boy Slim, Swedish House Mafia, Muse etc. These gigs and concerts pack that extra punch in the Singapore Grand Prix travel packages and make them a lot more exciting and special.

Now that all main elements are covered, you are all set to book your Singapore Grand Prix packages from UK.